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Frozen Gourmet Treats


Real Ingredients

Every single ingredient in a Freezer Monkey frozen treat is there for a reason. We strive to keep each treat to the fewest ingredients possible. Each one is thought about, tasted, and tested.

Extraordinary Flavors

Every ingredient is added only if it brings something important to the overall flavor. With the subtle layering of flavors, harmonious deliciousness is achieved.


Freezer Monkeys first became available in September 2012 at the Natural Cafe in Santa Barbara. We are proud to be a part of Whole Foods Markets Local Vendor Program. We also have a commitment to local small businesses and can be found in several stores and farmers markets, listed below.

Freezer Monkeys continues to grow monthly in more and more locations. If you have a recommendation for a store near you, please email us in the Contacts below! If you are a retailer and wish to add Freezer Monkeys to your freezer selection, let us know!


Seeking a better frozen treat for her two boys and their friends, she used her chef skills to update the classic pop. She believes amazing flavors come from simple ingredients. Made with ingenuity, passion and purpose, all of the frozen dessert bars are based out of Tiffany's vast repertoire of dessert recipes tested and developed over the years in fine dining restaurants in Northern and Southern California.

She believes artificial flavorings or cloyingly sweet high fructose corn syrups and harmful additives are not needed to make things taste good. Instead, by using high quality natural ingredients, utilizing skills honed by years of experience incredible flavors can be coaxed from the simplest of ingredients.

Pastry Chef and Owner

Tiffany Buchanan

Pastry Chef Tiffany Buchanan, owner of Freezer Monkeys


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